Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

TEKNO KOMPAK Journal is a periodical journal of scientific publication of the results of studies and original research in the science of Information Systems and Computer Accounting. Tekno Kompak Journal was built with the aim to expand and create innovation concepts, theories, paradigms, perspectives and methodologies in the sciences of Information Systems and Computer Accounting. The articles published in the Jurnal Teknoinfo can be the result of conceptual thinking, ideas, innovation, creativity, best practices, book review and research results that have been done.

The study of other sciences that examine topics related to Information Systems and Computer Accounting  is not limited to:

  • Design and Analysis Information System, Business Process Management Information System Development Methodology, Business Modeling Systems,
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Information Systems, Measurement and Evaluation of Company Financial Statements,
    Accounting Application Development, Financial Accounting Application Development, Tax Accounting Application Development, Banking Application Development,
  • Strategic Information Systems (Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Systems, Knowledge Management Systems),
  • Business Process Management, Business Modeling Systems, Management Information Systems, Economic Models for Information Systems, Business Forecasting Processes,
  • Information Systems Audit, Change Management and Innovation in Information Systems, Information Systems and their Relationships in Competitive Business,
  • Information Technology / IT Investment, Information Technology / IT Management, Human Resource Management and Information Technology / IT Organization, Information Technology / IT Strategic Planning, Information Technology / IT Investment Analysis, Information Technology / IT Project Management, Information Technology / IT Business Incubation,
  • E-learning, E-Business, E-Health, E-Commerce, E-Supply Chain Management, E-Customer Relationship Management, E-Marketing, E-Government, Enterprise Systems,
  • Management and Design of Enterprise System Architecture, Enterprise System Resource Planning Accounting Information Systems, Manufacture Information Systems, Academic Information Systems, Hospitality Information Systems, Transportation Information Systems, Resource Information Systems, Production Information Systems, Banking Information Systems, Enterprise Information Systems, Social Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems,
  • Data Mining, Big Data, Data Science
  • Digital Library, Digital Marketing
  • Software engineering


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

  1. Every Submitted manuscript will go thorugh double blind review process.
  2. The review process considering the novelty, objectivity, methodology, scientific impact, conclusions, and references
  3. Reviewers have to provide written feedback in a timely manner on the benefits of scientific and scientific value of the work
  4. Avoid personal comments or criticism
  5. Notify the editor immediately if unable to review in a timely manner and if possible, provide the names of other potential reviewers
  6. Pay attention to ethical concerns, such as the substantial similarity between the last text and any text papers published or submitted to another journal.
  7. Ensure that articles published comply with the standards of the journal
  8. Protect readers from incorrect or flawed research and studies that can not be validated by others


Open Access Policy

Journal of TEKNO KOMPAK provides direct open access to its content on the principle of making scientific articles freely available to the public and supporting greater global knowledge exchange. By adapting The Budapest Open Access Initiative, this journal allows readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search for, or link to the full text of its articles and use it for other legitimate purposes. However, the works/articles in this journal are also tied to The Creative Commons Attributions-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.